In front of the pictures of Diana Nohelová [a multiple beyond-the-lens]


     “The person, the place, the object 
     are exposed and hidden 
     simultaneous under the light, 
     and two eyes are not enough
     to capture what is hidden 
     in a quick gesture. 

     It is necessary that the magic lens 
     enrich the human vision 
     and the truth of each thing 
     a better and drier truth extracts 
     to allow us to penetrate deeply
     into the pure enigma of the pictures...

     In front of the Pictures of Evandro Teixeira 
     by poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade

     Diana’s picture: Close your eyes till I'm gone

A crystal of time on paper. Photography, weapon of…
Desperately walking. Alone. Down somewhere less frantic or passerby. No light. But a limit to. Your walk? It’s a cherry or some kind far, that red vivid seed you decline to tear down. [Un]Fortunately? A path. Your route. Off most of the time. But within. And made of… Black-and-white, hmmm. Nausea? Dreams? Failures? Man after man, and you – alone? What about? And ahead. What… Lead you through the streets? These empty streets? 

Where are those reminiscences you drew so carefully and kept close back in the day? Those drawers stuffed of non-power but with so many reminiscences forward you captured from The final hiding place, a red road encapsulated in yet apart from your miserable transitory life? 

Dangerously speaking any nonsense through many cross-roads. You – voiceless. The streets – most of them empty at first sight. But full of forged colors and phrased-words towards insane messages. To break you down. No flowers budding from the same concrete pavement. No red eyes to embroil you in such a mystery. Only that. This empty place. You – into your Mute fairytale… 

To that point then… Here and there, for some reason, ranging from shock to wonder, you grow stronger. The more you…, the more yours… There are flowers. Nausea but flowers around your desperate dizzy path. Dance yourself to the end of shine – why not? What you see is this same beating-chord End of the road

Dedicated to photographer Diana Nohelová, whose pictures not only depict but also smell, sound, and shine. Photography – a weapon of love! Thank you so much, Diana, for giving me permission to cull my words on your intriguing, terrific images. I’m honored!


Setty Lepida said…

couldn't help of thinking of this song while reading you C. your writing always evokes music in me_ I would like to translate some of your writings in Greek. Do you think you could grant me permission? All my love :*
Carol P. said…
Setty, my love! I coudn't be more honored, and in two amazing senses.

First, that you've said my writing evokes music in you... this is actually something that makes me speechless - how terrific! I've just watched the video you told me about: a very beautiful gift from you, sweetie, thanks and thanks :)

Second, that you told me about your intention to translate some of my fictionisms into Greek: WOW, just WOW! It would be incredible, my dear... You know, Greek is a language I have in my heart even if I don't speak it at all... Greek culture and literature are extremely linked to what I've been studying in literature and history fields; Greece, in this sense, is part of my educational background, I mean, I guess I've read most of the first Greek historians, philosophers and dramaturgists... they are what made me a little more "proficient" in my intellectual work :) And let me tell you: I started once ago to study the Greek language, do you believe? I just love Greek accent and this amazing way you guys seem to "sing" while speaking: it's beautiful and very-very great to my senses...

So it's gonna be a complete honor to have some of my writing translated into Greek - a complete honor much more because you, a poetess I admire, will do it. Feel so free, my dear. And thanks infinitely by advance for that, alright? Let me know when you have it finished, ok? I for sure wanna "spread out" within my friends and colleagues this amazing gift you will bring me… WOW, just WOW! I'm dancing in the air... :)

Infinite thanks for your presence and tum-tum-tum-tum motion making me always feel so alive! With all my love, too!!

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