drowning by brands (part two)

Time to get dressed: MARISA cotton panties and bra, HERING T-shirt, fake ZOOMP jeans, SPEEDY pair of socks and ALL STAR (Conversed Red). She is very lucky whether she is able to buy new clothes once a year — and with what pleasure she usually does it, one of the rarest things from which she obtains actual relief… The real sting of it lays in the fact that Melinda forgets, for a moment, stories and dramas which are just about to blow up in her face with embarrassing consequences. 
Even so, she still has thousands of such reminiscences of her personal misfortune, and at times some one stands out from the thousand and oppresses her, such as that despicable petit bourgeois — her boss — she needs to be in familiar terms everyday. When it happens, she avoids talking, and buries herself in holes.
Now straight to the kitchen! As Melinda does not have that too expensive BLACK & DECKER electric kettle, she takes her red ARNO thermos, the MELITTA paper strainer, and while the water is boiling in a ELECTROLUX stove, the poor girl adds UNIÃO sugar and OURO NEGRO coffee. 
Then she eats her CORN FLAKES morning cereal with PARMALAT milk, and a very delicious WICK BOLD loaf of sliced bread with BUNGE butter and BASS LAKE packer backer curds she earned last month from her boss. Not forgetting her favorite strawberry NESTLÉ yoghurt. Eating is the only thing this colonized girl does with special satisfaction, as though she could recognize, for a moment, and with a more intense pulsation, a vestige of humanity often taken away from her. 
Crossing the living room, and ready to go out, Melinda looks at her old-fashioned SAMSUNG television set and promises herself that she will have a SANYO 50” HDTV with a full SKY cable TV, at least with FOX, HBO and WARNER — with what intensity she deserves it! Her CREATIVE mp4 with PHILIPS earphone are prepared to provide her some satisfaction during the day, first while the MERCEDES BENS (or GENERAL MOTORS?) subway car is bound for downtown. The song? Tom Zé’s The Hips of Tradition (copyright recordings owned by TRAMA) will be a very special companion.


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