drowning by brands (part four)

Lunch around midday: on time. VASCONCELOS rice and bean. BRIDGFORD beef. Lettuce, carrot, potato. Seeds being altered by top engineering techniques; that powerful rondup herbicide; powerful and satisfactory (or “necessary”?) weed control by MONSANTO, anywhere in this big world with its GEOS or GMOS, the transgenic...
Melinda’s snack at four o’clock in the afternoon — an abundance of top brands once again. And this cycle exists to be restored, day after day.
Sleeping. Getting out of bed. Stepping. Having shower or breakfast. Getting to work. Crossing the streets. Wandering round and round nowhere to go. Dropping some friend a line. Enjoying a day off. Resting. Peeing. Waiting anxiously to get her pay. Visiting an art gallery. Studying. Reading. Writing. Expelling demons of deceit. Weeping. Planning. Meeting. Coming back home. Watching TV. Eating and drinking. Even throwing up. Cleaning the house. Looking for a route. Screwing things up. Laughing. Talking. Refusing. Kissing. Travelling. Making love. Looking at. Sending or receiving…
Almost giving up — as you notice, Melinda only exists by giving rise to some social functions operated by a devious everyday cycle (actually, a “push-you” and “pull-you” game) prompted by a mechanical reproduction. Of marketing. Feelings. Behaviors. Contemplation. Participation. Manipulation. Consent. Orders. Hard work. Long trips. Unattainable routes. Unachievable desires. Many ups and downs. Dreams not accomplished. Men and women misplaced. Exhaustion.
Existence, enforcement, endurance. Products, products and products. Objects. Plastic, metal, glass, wood — materials. Food and drink. Computers, sofas, writing desks, books, screens, magazines, chairs, boxes, wardrobes, ventilators, tables, digital or alarm clocks, pencils, staplers, cameras, notebooks, calculators, printers, cell phones,  cupboards.
"Man after man, woman, child, man, clothes, cigarette, hat, clothes, clothes, clothes, man, man, woman, clothes, man”. Our times! Objects exist for death. The quantity points to the constant renewal of the old. But all this innovation is to attest that we are risking defeat. Loss of identity? Or an excess of traces leading us to a vacuum existence? Both? 
If objects exist for supply, we exist for consumption — is that the reasoning, the compelling moral principle behind everything? As objects involve us in a too attractive way of life, our plea of both unconsciousness and ignorance — who decides? — of these devious rules in extenuation of our own agreed answers and consent is covered up. And the individual viewer disappears inside the vast “audience” in different places. Therefore, the process of “reading the world” is distorted. But not only this. We are distorted either. 
So let us redo our preamble in terms of a naive provocation: can't we reach the inside portion from our outside’s, which is corrupted by an abyss of excessive concreteness — the objects? From this perspective, we miss even that immediate reflection of a single representative image of ourselves. In front of a mirror, there is nothing to recognize but our own double-multi-faceted “invisibilities” — both external and internal.


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