l’(é)invitation à la légèreté

le temps
qui reste
qui court
qui passe
mon coeur
qui danse
qui palpite
mes veins
un rêve
un trait
d’une sureté
mon coeur
le temps
d’une bonne

et comme ça... 
       ... mon âme...
               ... est très léger... 
                       ... maintenant…


julien hakym said…
Hi Carol! :-)

hv a nice weekend!
Carol P. said…
Julien, dear, thanks for coming, how nice hearing from you again... You know, dearest, your last words still titilate within me... "show me forgiveness / show me love / show me desire / show me how to live"...

I liked the way you chose the verb "show", and not the verb "give"... What a great deal, and then I appreciated so much...

A propos, if we started right now a dialogue around this poem of yours, I would just say to you, in reply: "I want to learn how to forgive by the very act of forgiving / how to love by loving / how to desire by having my harlequin close to me / and how to live by experiencing, much more and more"...

Have a nice weekend too, dear. Thanks again for coming! And cheers!!

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