the misfits

Every variety of clothes: Man after man. Women. steps. Traffic. Kaboom. Blah-blah. No limits. Children. Ads. Men. Streets. Hands. Cars. Cars. Cars. Men beyond losses. Pavement. Cells. Trucks. Kaboom. Ahead. Plastic. Choice. Deadline. Asphalt. Ads. Buses. Crosswalks. Bang-bangs. Cashes. Cashes. Cashes. Women before children. Bars. Hands. Crowd. Buses. Shoes. Food. Fashion. Square. Traffic. Doors. Lights. Lights. Lights. Men behind windows. Signs. Limits. Banks. Houses. Left. Deadline. Turmoil. Niceties. Stores. Buildings. Blah-blah. Objects. Objects. Objects. Children between guns. Avenues. Sinks. Asphalt. Arms. Screams. Sky. Outdoors. Bench. Off. Yes. Shops. Excuse. Money. Money. Lacking. Wall. Back. No limits. Tick-tack, tick-tack.
Every variety of goods: Laughing. Looking down on. Watching. Hating. Warding off. Desponding. Glaring. Claming. Pulsing. Responding. Blowing apart. Feeding off. Building. Loving. Dropping. Forgetting. Keeping. Trying. Making out. Producing. Pretending. Moving back. Crossing. Loving. Wishing. Demanding. Consulting. Maddening. Ordering. Judging. Backing off. Blaming. Crying out. Thinking. Dismissing. Looking Rushing. Wondering. Fooling around. Writing. Making up. attempting. Loving. Forging. Loving. Cutting across. Holding. Whispering. Hurting. Leaving behind. Loving. Coming off. Dancing. Running away. Stepping. Bleeding. Giving up. Seeking. Experiment. Rolling over. Flying away. Finding out. Looking for. Insisting. Starting over. Taking out. Moving forward. Waiting. Strolling in. recalling. Stopping. Dying away.
Every variety of feelings: A banker. A manager. A player. An actor. A manager. A teacher. A learner. A wretch. A foreteller. A sharpshooter. An audience. The economist. The businessman. The cycle.
Every variety of crimes: These feelings. Their goods. The clothes.


its a beautiful article
Anonymous said…

Adorei sua visita e suas palavras ... :)
Que bom que me encontrou !

Adorei seu blog , seus textos , tudo !
Te Sigo Feliz da Vida ...

Bjo Grande.

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