and when we disregard that the most precious thing on life is nothing but the very act of looking?

I heard once, from a Brazilian philosopher, that we — humans — need to keep on mind some sense of alienation to continue on our paths without getting lunatic.
With it of course I agreed that time, and so with the philosopher. Until today I tend to believe that this is a valid, reasonable thought. If it’s not this way, how could we cope with that so many people are right now starving, suffering from violence, being corrupted by ostentatious men and women who just want to “swallow”, “engorge” them day by day? Alienation, as explained the philosopher, has to be taken in this sense. I understand it, and I reverberate it too. This is at least an interesting plea!
We alienate ourselves from the pain of others — that’s the truth, is it? It could be argued that, otherwise, how could we walk down those streets full of wretched people verging on solitude and scarcity, and not madden? How could we handle a reality in which “we” are being paid for this or that job while millions of people are not, or are just so exploited at which point they lose dignity to go on their miserable lives? And how could "we" face the embarrassing situation that "we" can read a book, watch any artistic movie, run for this or that, experience a wonderful moment by traveling or going to the theater, and so forth, while billions of others don’t even know how to read or what this or that work of art is all about? How, how, and how?  
We couldn’t, "naturally" we couldn't, so we take a "deviation", which equals "alienation" — that's the key reasoning of that philosopher. For him, we couldn’t cope with these images, with this discomfort reality jumping out from gloomy pages of our history, of our everyday connections without being alienated from them all. I tended to disagree a little with him. By reading Kafka, for instance, we understand the motif of his "fantastic fiction", totally different than the concept of "fantastic" we find in (Edgar Allan) Poe's short stories, just to take a familiar example. And what we capture from Kafka's Metamorphosis, for example, from that Gregor Samsa being converted into a horrid insect? Well, the very concept of "fantastic" in Kafka relies on how "natural" men and women convert men and women into horrid insects. So this is not "alienation" but "acting", and "acting naturally" in front of the strangeness, imposing and being enclosed by this strangeness. So even if we look without looking properly, we are aware of. Or much more preponderant: we look to demote or to look down on. But there’s a moment, even if it’s brief or sporadic, we cannot decline to look. Looking to understand. Looking to refuse. And looking to try to fix. That’s my hope for humanity. What’s yours? 


1 said…
As always, these words are so interesting, I cannot hide my opinion and regard.

You're right, those people cannot enjoy like others, me, and you. But God creates everything to develop not to destroy. Your feeling of compassion is very good, but don't forget the destiny, the goal of our creation, I mean, maybe those whom you described here, are more patient than us, their beliefs are more stronger than us, and the same idea about their attitudes of life, happiness, assessment of everything, joying to play with their family, children, and so on.
That's great of God who wanna respect and venerate human beings someday. This mortal world is just a transitional channel to take us to a new braved world, somewhere, where there won't be any pain, anymore.
I live with this hope, I hope God give all of us, either happy men, or sad people, just more patience and more inspiration to live and stand up on our beliefs, our permanents, not mortal ones.
Look at them, and thank God, not because you are superior, but for his justice, judgment, and forgiveness in a proper time.

God bless All.
1 said…
Oh sorry, I forget to add my name again.

I'm Reza. and 1 is just automatic nickname. I can't handle to change it.
Carol P. said…
Reza, dearest of mine,

Of course I know this is you: your words are so close, not confusable for me...

And your comment, oh! Gosh - you feel always so sensitive to express your thoughts, and so upright to put quests and understand things.

Thanks a lot and a lot for always coming over to this place, our place after all. Especially for your encouragement, your sweet words that always say to me: go on, that's your path, you can brave it out!

With love,
Larissa said…
How, how, how? How can we live in this crazy world? Why, why, why? Why things are like this? I also ask me all the time. A lot of questions in my head everyday, every night.
And I agree with you, my dear Carol. We need to be alienated to live in this world.
And I also agree with you, Reza: "maybe those whom you described here, are more patient than us, their beliefs are more stronger than us". But my thoughts ask me all the time: can these things be a subterfuge? I mean, can we use this bigger patience, this stronger belief as an excuse to accept things like they are, to accept the terrible condition of more than 70% of the population?
No, we can't! We need to face it, to face all the injustice! And the first step to that is looking, right, Carol? "Looking to understand. Looking to refuse. And looking to try to fix. That’s my hope for humanity."
Yeah, we need to look. But we can't stop here. We gotta move on. We gotta go to the 2nd and the 3rd and all the others steps. We gotta refuse, we gotta try to fix, we gotta change... We can change! How? Looking to ourselves and looking to the people in front of us and behind us. Then, we must join them and move forward. We gotta be less alienated to wanna change. It's not only feasible, it's necessary!

Kisses of hope to everybody,
Pretty Alliteration!
Carol P. said…
Pretty Alliteration of mine, and yes, you're all mine on this zigzag resound I made of you, right? My alliteration... Well, why I always read your words and realize I could have said more, and much more beautiful things? Why I always read your upright comments and realize you're so experienced to face this crazy, frantic, crude world of all us, sometimes much more precise than me properly?

Oh, I figure that's because you have a so strong, a so intense sensibility to look at the other and at reality that you can capture things from this reality and immediately convert all them into words of wisdom and hope... I love it all, Larissa, my alliteration - so pretty!

And guess what? You already have this act of looking inside yourself, my dear. This ability to look I really hope we all could have one day... to all embrace each other with one day.

Again and always: thanks for coming over, for giving me all the best you do. Love you so much, and admire you so much, and want you to come closer to me so much, always...

Larissa said…
Yeah, honey, maybe I have this act of looking inside myself. But looking and saying beautiful words isn't enough. I need to act. I just don't know how. And then, those questions come back inside my head. How? How can I act to improve the world? Why? Why I'm so dresser, afraid of leaving the perfect little world where I live to live the crazy world out there? Don't have the answer. Maybe 'cause I'm much more alienated than I can be. Don't know. Time will give me the answer. I hope so.

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