accept invite, and now I play, I fictionize (English version of "convite aceito, e brinco agora de sonhar flautando")

the words
they jump
they dance
their rhythms
a dream
only this
bringing out
fancy images
but I live
and I dawn
I bite
that I sing
by saying
this silence
a lapse
of a dream

so tasty
so extreme
this is also
a real dream
and now
flying away
just wending
this thing
all of mine
it’s closer
so closer
but seems to leave

a tumble
this dream
feels but lives
and I hold it
carrying itself
on to
a major gift
that’s a peeper
a glimpse
a way
not to disbelieve
it’s from you
all my dream
all my real
is so sweet

no fear
I pick up
this wonder
and this I shield
I embrace
my dream
it’s just mine
so I believe

I’ll receive
this child
jumping, it’s lighting
we’ll have
this great time
and we’ll play with it
we’ll do fine

because you, my enchantment
invited me to dream
And I, so surprised
I accepted
your redeem
and I do not
that I can
follow this route
somewhat magic
with you
our beautiful
first root

my invitation —
a crazy one? —
is like that
you’d understood?
but then you
made it right
in other terms
I got it nice
and now so full
of plans for game
for play, for living
our Sunday meeting
our Sunday time
will be so magic
will be so kind

I accept your invite
it made me happy
and I don’t decline
I don’t refuse
to have with you
with this kid
a sweet shot
circles of mine

and I live now
with honey
up in trees
food for the bees
that I wanna
flowers’ fields
dream of dreaming
with all us
fluting deep

It’s witty
it’s turning
it’s bright
and so naive
I remember the day
its owner, you
made it mine
this dream with me
it’s real
it’s ours
your child will play
lullabies for me
your name
I don’t say
it’s a wonder
inside here

but the dream
oh! my dears
it’s a clap
it’s a sign
that I’ll play a camp
and I will toy
great child parts
this is what I want
it’s making my mind
and so I dream
but so I live
and not by chance
I fictionize


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