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when I really search myself, it feels like I'm coming home (by Melinda)

Brazilian real(ilty)m through the lens of a major Brazilian photographer - an overview on EVANDRO TEIXEIRA

In Front of the Pictures of Evandro Teixeira by CARLOS DRUMMOND DE ANDRADE

Diante das fotos de Evandro Teixeira, poema de Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Brazilian top literature: short fiction "Betsy" by RUBEM FONSECA

no que há de melhor em letras nossas: conto "Besty", de Rubem Fonseca

Nobel Prize in Literature: let us honor a neighbor of us - Vargas Llosa

TRIPLE SERIES: Pictures of Garbage by Vik Muniz (2008)

Pictures of Junk (2006) by Vik Muniz

Pictures of Paper (2008) by Vik Muniz

1,99 - A Supermarket That Sells Words

1,99 - A Supermarket That Sells Words

Ernersto Neto: an overview

Ernesto Neto being interviewed: The Edges of the World