to want a love equals living in such Ali(n)e's Wonderland — material for a sketch into a screenplay made of Ali(c)es

First Rubric (for the Screenplay Segment) Aline was beginning to get exhausted of having nothing do think but wondering how someone like her — gorgeous in her singular redheadness, sensitive, talented in teaching foreign words for non-foreigner strangers, mother of a handsome little boy, and so many other qualities she could recall from her imaginary memory, or from those personas of her own fictional realm; how could someone like Aline — she was then wondering about — feel so wholly absent from love, from a person she had been dreaming with all over the years and the one-and-only who could show her the beauty of life, the slow motion of all those trees in her Wonderland field, its yellow sky, its fresh air, its blurred boundaries between chocolate lakes and lettuce rivers — how?    
Second Rubric There was something very remarkable in that. And Aline was so triumphantly ready to get into it, to puzzle out — across that imaginary field in essence — how to have a love in her current gloomy, transitory existence.  
Third Rubric It was a drizzly morning encased in some rain made of  music, with birds singing up the melody of a good fortune and a little rabbit taking a watch out under the eastern hedge, when Aline noticed that someone like a harlequin just jumped out the page of that book she was reading, while wondering about her solitude… 
First Scene
Don’t despair, sweet lady!
Love is just like a mess
It comes out and about
Like trembling words in your mouth
And when you see it’s absent from your path!
Oh! Sweet Alice!
You come from a so wonder land
Made of dreams, fancy and fairy rites
How could you just puzzle over
The edge of my inward fights?
You are right, dear Aline!
I come from so further lands
With embodied creatures, not real human friends
But I know about this love, I know about this mask
I know about it all
So much you can’t imagine!
Love you can feel when smile or dance
When you see your child jigging or shaking hands
Love is also within everything special you share
With anyone else who enchant your own path
How can you say then so geek nonsense
When you, dear Aline, are a pocket of love, yourself?
If you want a love, I advise you since then
There’s no secret, no hint, no handicap, no pain
No exclusive route, no evanescent sand
But myriad of doors and windows
Waiting to be unfolded and claimed!
Oh! Sweet Alice, you’re enlightened, but feel so mad!
Don’t you see that I can love but no one wants my bed?
People are so distant, they’re so intricate
So unwilling to reach me, to love me there
In my unreasonable deep-down puzzles and quests
In my failures, in my kindness
In my wishes, in my disrepair
Either in that long-standing peak
That made me here so insane
There’s no one able to listen
Not even a person with who I can share my lands!
I want a love making me stronger
Making me here and there wholly happy
A dancer, a magician
A clown making me laugh
A stranger, a teacher
A trapper or any “von Pair”
I want a love set in red
Set in green, set in blue
Somewhat willing to love me
In this or that mood!
So I tell you by advance, sweet
You should prepare yourself
You want a perfect love, a fire — limpid
A person, a sublime, and someone who cares
But not even this enlightened, kind person
Won’t be exempt from someday making you tear
Get ready to look around, to look ahead
Pick up that love just crossing your way
Invite it to dance, and laugh, and clap
But don’t be sad if it someday wants you to disclaim
This person is like you, waiting
To live, to love and to share
To be encapsulated, to suffer, to be bleeding
Your love feels always a beautiful pair
Someone I see in your future
From your present or from your past
A person you know a lot, you know a little
Your love is on your own head!
I know, sweet Alice, that I have to cross this meadow
From day to night, from sunset to dawn
If I want to find my light, my bright shadow
Otherwise I’ll see only the same of that I’d drawn
I need first to open my window
And believe there’s someone not frightened to love
So I’ll open the thousand doors of my kingdom
With no discredit that I’ll receive this one
I’ll have a love with no hindrance
I’ll have a love who wants to love
Not to hold off, but to enlace me
A person who never leaves me alone
A fighter, a machinist
An athlete making me run
A writer, a theorist
A poet creating for me the sun!
Oh! Dearest Aline!
I see I can leave you now
You’re ready for this challenge
And nothing else will break you down
But I can’t go without telling you
That your pair can be back or forward
Regard! It’s longing, it’s waiting for you
Your love mirrors you towards!


Minha amiga, quanta sensibilidade cabe nesse coração? E nessa cabeça, cheia de sonhos e doçura? Me perdi e me achei em seu conto, que não é de fadas, mas de mulheres de verdade: como Alines, Dayanna e Carols vida adentro. Parabéns pela inspiração. Que possamos trocar mais e muitas idéias, para que delas nasçam outros e muitos mais contos como este. Beijinhos de borboleta!
Carol P. said…
Oi, querida!!! Você é que está sendo muito generosa comigo, hein? Agradeço muitíssimo pelas doces palavras... E mais ainda pelas ideias superbacanas que a gente vem trocando.

Acho você já uma grande mulher, ainda que nos conheçamos pouco, e virtualmente, sabia?

Sobre a estória, propriamente, acho que ando muito nessa toada: gosto de conversar com pessoas legais (com tutano, como vc mesma disse, hehe) e, então, venho ficcionando as coisas.

Acho que assim a realidade fica menos áspera - quando a gente confabula, né?

Tb tinha um pressentimento sobre a estória: quis fazê-la assim mesmo, no terreno do maravilhoso, aqui-acolá de intertexto com a Alice.

No fim das contas, ficou uma Aline muito Alice, e esta muito Aline. Digo: quando a gente lê parece a Alice (que é personagem) mais feita de concretude do que a própria Aline, que vive, ela mesma, no mundo de todos os dias...

Bem, fico por aqui, não sem antes te dizer obrigada por tudo, pela amizade começando principalmente...

E te mando, por fim, umas doces palavras também, não minhas, mas de um outro talentoso e sensível compositor brasileiro que eu também adoro - Luiz Tatit:

"Assim era no princípio
metáfora pura, suspensa no ar
assim era no princípio
só bocas abertas, ainda balbuciantes, querendo cantar..."

Que a gente cante ainda muito juntas, linda borboleta!

Até mais, então.
Com toda a minha admiração,
Larissa said…
Querida amiga, que belo (inter)texto. Que sensibilidade! Que criatividade! Me encontrei em algumas dessas doces palavras, senti necessidade de me encontrar em outras delas... Senti vontade de amar, e de mais ainda amar vc. beijos
ALINE said…
It's amazing! I loved it.
Carol P. said…
Lara, saiba que vc mesma, essa minha Aliteração sem escala e sem demora e sem explicação menos ou mais coerente, como deve ser pq explicar só se pra confundir, vc mesma já tem o meu amor!!! Que é enorme!!!
Carol P. said…
You, Aline, well, the text was made up by and for you... I mean, you brought me all the indirect cues through which I could reach a little about you (I hope so) as well as I expressively gave it back through this fictional form, lines, contexts between the lines...

I'm glad you liked it, after all it's for you... And I wish you - and me and everyone else - could someday think and live the life and all the love you have inside as our beautiful Alices and Alines, so brave and sensitive person(a)s, aren't they?

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