In Front of the Pictures of Evandro Teixeira by CARLOS DRUMMOND DE ANDRADE

The person, the place, the object
are exposed and hidden
simultaneous under the light,
and two eyes are not enough
to capture what is hidden
in a quick gesture.
It is necessary that the magic lens
enrich the human vision
and the truth of each thing
a better and drier truth extracts
to allow us to penetrate deeply
into the pure enigma of the pictures.
Photography – is the codename
of the most acute perception
that keeps showing us ourselves
and of the evanescence of all,
builds a continuation,
it is crystal of time on paper.
Of the street fights in Rio
in 68, what is left
more positive, more ardent
than the prosecuting photos,
so alive today as then,
to remind us how to exorcise them?
Marks of flood and eviction,
of the unburied corpse,
the mattress tossed in the wind,
the muddy, rotten slum,
the beggar in New York,
the young girl in the Jockey Club,
Garrincha and Nureyev, dance
of two destinations, priestesses
on the beach temple of Ipanema,
a strange lady in Ouro Preto,
the pain of Latin America,
myths they are not, for they are photos.
Photography: weapon of love,
of justice and knowledge,
through the seven parts of the world
to travel, to surprise
the tormented life of a man
and the hope that sprouts from the ashes.


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